Improving quality of life in Northwest Arkansas and the Delta 

In our home region, we want to improve the quality of life and to create and sustain economic opportunities in the Arkansas communities that first gave Sam and Helen Walton opportunity.

In Northwest Arkansas, we’ve discovered that by creating a great place for locals, we’ve made a destination for visitors. The region was recently ranked among the top places to live by U.S. News & World Report, and it’s clear there’s a movement taking place in this corner of the world. From a new, upcoming independent school to an expanded culinary arts training program to the Northwest Arkansas Design Excellence Program – it’s become an area that people are not only drawn to for a career, but because of the lifestyle and culture.

Last year, the Razorback Regional Greenway was completed, connecting our communities with 36 miles of multi-use trails. And we learned that our regional trail traffic is comparable to major bike- and pedestrian-friendly metropolitan cities.

In the Delta, we increased after-school programming options that offer families engaging curriculums and safe environments for their children.

The work in Northwest Arkansas and the Delta couldn’t happen without the support of local communities. These partnerships are key to moving the needle and meeting the needs of those who live in our home region. 

Home Region Program Highlights



NWA Public Schools

More than 27,000 kids in Northwest Arkansas public schools have access to bikes through a bicycle education program.



The College Initiative

100% of students participating in The College Initiative have been accepted to college. 



Scott Family Amazeum

The Scott Family Amazeum saw more than 202,500 visitors in its first seven months.

We value the catalytic role quality of life plays in economic development efforts. Whether it is education, arts, green spaces or workforce training, we are committed to initiatives that will help communities remain viable for generations to come.

Karen Minkel, Home Region Program Director

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