100 Black Men of America, Inc. 600,000
4.0 Schools 950,000
50CAN, Inc. 2,923,690
Academy of Mathematics and Science Camelback 250,000
Achievement First, Inc. 714,000
Achievement School District 204,000
Advance Illinois NFP 400,000
Agenda for Children, Inc. 172,500
Agudath Israel of America, Inc. 400,000
Alliance 6-12 College-Ready No. 21 250,000
Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 21 250,000
Alliance for Choice in Education 115,000
Alliance for School Choice, Inc. 3,500,000
Amber Charter School II 250,000
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research 152,600
Apex Collegiate Academy Charter School 30,000
Arizona Chamber Foundation 374,166
Arizona School Choice Administration Corporation 225,000
Association for Education Finance and Policy, Inc. 25,000
Association of American Educators Foundation 302,900
Association of Missouri Charter Schools 225,000
Baton Rouge Area Foundation 225,000
Baton Rouge College Prep 250,000
Baton Rouge University Preparatory Elementary 250,000
Bellwether Education Partners, Inc. 262,085
Black Alliance for Educational Options, Inc. 2,780,786
Boston Schools Fund, Inc. 677,000
Boys Preparatory Charter School of New York 250,000
Breakthrough Collaborative, Inc. 300,000
Brighter Choice Foundation, Inc. 101,000
Brookings Institution 242,289
Building Excellent Schools, Inc. 4,995,530
Building Hope 300,000
Caliber K-8 Charter School 250,000
California Charter Schools Association 5,000,000
Camelback Ventures, Inc. 500,000
Carmen High School of Science and Technology 166,667
Carnegie Foundation for Advancement Teaching 30,000
Carpe Diem - Northwest 250,000
Castlemont Junior Academy Charter 250,000
Castlemont Primary Academy Charter 250,000
Catapult, Inc. 245,000
Celerity Dalton Charter School 250,000
Center for American Progress 500,000
Center for Education Reform 200,000
Center for Urban Teaching, Inc. 550,000
Chalkbeat, Inc. 350,000
Character Lab, Inc. 1,055,809
Charter Board Partners 525,000
Charter Fund, Inc. 14,170,000
Charter School Partners 100,000
Charter Schools Development Corporation 200,000
Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. 209,046
Chiefs for Change 500,000
Children Now 100,000
City High School 250,000
Civic Canopy 65,000
Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning 22,885
College Entrance Examination Board 225,000
Collegiate Academies 150,000
Colorado Children's Campaign, Inc. 60,000
Colorado League of Charter Schools 1,050,000
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center 150,000
Colorado Succeeds 60,000
Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc. 45,200
Community Foundation of New Jersey 848,640
Compass Academy 250,000
Create Academy 220,000
Cristo Rey Network 671,800
Cypress Academy 250,000
Denver Foundation 50,000
Denver School of Science and Technology 473,838
Discovery Institute 200,000
Donnell-Kay Foundation, Inc. 80,000
Echoing Green Foundation 705,127
EdBuild 150,000
EdFuel 396,544
Editorial Projects in Education, Inc. 70,000
Education Analytics, LLC 239,593
Education Cities, Inc. 700,000
Education Pioneers, Inc. 1,500,000
Education Reform Now, Inc. 4,249,337
Education Trust, Inc. 359,000
Education Trust-West 162,500
Education Writers Association (EWA) 175,000
Educational Enterprises, Inc. 525,000
Educators for Excellence 925,000
EdVoice Institute for Research and Education 29,000
Empower College Prep 250,000
Equitas Academy #3 250,000
Equitas Academy 4 250,000
Excellent Education Development 238,000
Excellent Schools Detroit 533,000
Faithacts for Education, Inc. 100,000
Families Empowered 239,500
Families for Excellent Schools, Inc. 6,400,000
Foundation Center 12,480
Foundation for Excellence in Education, Inc. 3,000,000
Friends of Choice in Urban Schools 891,627
Friendship Public Charter School Armstrong Campus 250,000
George Washington University 129,789
Georgetown University 632,994
Georgia Chamber of Commerce Foundation 382,000
Georgia Charter Schools Association, Inc. 688,758
Gestalt Community Schools 36,650
Girls Athletic Leadership School Los Angeles 250,000
Global Preparatory Academy 250,000
Grantmakers for Education 52,000
Great Lakes Education Foundation 176,150
Great Oakland Public Schools Leadership Center 400,000
Greater Houston Community Foundation 98,750
GreatSchools 2,500,000
GSV Event Media, LLC 150,000
GSV Summit, LLC 100,000
Herron High School 250,000
High Tech High Graduate School of Education 779,880
Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options 50,000
Hoover Institution, Stanford University 580,000
IFF 229,841
Illinois Network of Charter Schools 866,810
Independence Institute 175,000
Innovate Public Schools 375,000
Institute for Innovation in Public School Choice, Inc. 30,000
Institute For Justice 500,000
Institute for Quality Education, Inc. 450,000
James Madison Institute for Public Policy Studies, Inc. 125,000
Jefferson RISE Charter School 250,000
KIPP Colorado Schools 150,000
KIPP Foundation 6,972,661
Knowledge Academy High 250,000
Lake Charles College Prep 250,000
Laurel Oaks Charter School 30,000
Leadership for Educational Equity Foundation 5,000,000
Leading Educators, Inc. 605,449
Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) 305,102
Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools 1,017,430
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, Inc. 298,454
Marquette University 461,000
Massachusetts Charter Public School Association, Inc. 850,000
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 273,955
MDRC 428,140
Memphis Delta Preparatory Charter School 250,000
Memphis School of Excellence Elementary 250,000
Metro IAF, Inc. 270,000
Michigan Association of Public School Academies 373,837
Milwaukee Charter School Advocates, Inc. 119,075
Minneapolis Foundation 1,250,000
Mississippi First 250,000
Monument Academy Public Charter School 250,000
Moving Everest Charter School 250,000
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS) 1,014,000
National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) 2,150,000
National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools, Inc. 294,132
National Newspaper Publishers Association Fund 130,000
National Public Education Support Fund 22,222
National Public Radio, Inc. 1,096,788
National Urban League, Inc. 300,000
New America Foundation 50,000
New Jersey Charter PS 55,125
New Leaders 478,000
New Los Angeles Charter School 250,000
New Media Advocacy Project, Inc. 175,000
New Schools for New Orleans Inc. 400,000
New Teacher Project, Inc. 903,129
New Urban Learning 125,000
New Venture Fund 200,000
New York University 169,198
Newark Charter School Fund, Inc. 1,875,000
NewSchools Venture Fund NSVF 5,216,328
North American Council for Online Learning (iNACOL) 100,000
North Carolina State University 49,028
Northeast Charter Schools Network, Inc. 500,000
Northwestern University Settlement 90,000
Oakland Community Organizations, Inc. 238,500
Oakland Unity Middle School 250,000
Osmosis Films 150,000
Pacific Charter School Development, Inc. (PCSD) 1,000,000
Pahara Institute 832,205
Parent Revolution 500,000
Parents Advocate League 12,672
Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina Inc. 700,000
Partners Advancing Values in Education 100,000
Partnership for Educational Justice, Inc. 1,281,750
Partnership for Los Angeles Schools 250,000
Penfield Childrens Center 250,000
Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools 126,233
People Acting in Community Together, Inc. 150,000
Phalen Leadership Academies 250,000
Philadelphia Schools Project a/k/a Philadelphia Schools Partnership 1,666,667
Philanthropy Roundtable 150,000
Phillips Community School 250,000
Phoenix Charter Academy Foundation 50,000
Pioneer Institute, Inc. 411,050
Policy Innovators in Education Network Inc 430,000
President and Fellows of Harvard College 3,102,058
PUC Nueva Esperanza Charter Academy 250,000
RAND Corporation 214,393
Reason Foundation 250,000
Relay Graduate School of Education 1,000,000
Renaissance Arts Academy K-12 250,000
Results in Education Foundation 1,000,000
Rhode Island Mayoral Academy 752,050
Rise Kohyang High School 250,000
Rocky Mountain Preparatory School 168,110
Roses in Concrete Community School 250,000
RTI International 348,735
Salida del Sol Academy 125,000
Sankofa Underground North Academy 250,000
School Choice Ohio 35,000
School Choice Wisconsin Inc. 400,000
Schools That Can 72,500
Schools That Can Milwaukee, Inc. 1,600,000
See Forever Foundation 5,000
Self Development Academy-Phoenix 220,000
Serving Our Children, Inc. 500,000
Seton Education Partners 50,000
Sisters in Action, Inc. 10,000
Social Entrepreneurs of New Orleans 150,000
Stand for Children Leadership Center (Louisiana affiliate) 200,000
Stand Up 400,000
Step Up for Students, Inc. 100,000
Storefront Academy Charter School 125,000
Strive Preparatory Schools 850,000
Students First Foundation 750,000
Students for Education Reform 450,000
StudentsFirst Institute 2,848,516
Success Academy Charter Schools, Inc. 1,500,000
Surge Institute 400,000
Tapestry Project Inc. 35,000
Teach for America 4,304,000
Teach for America (National) TFA 3,746,000
Teach Plus Incorporated 250,000
Teachers College, Columbia University 5,077
Tennessee State Collaborative on Reforming Education 500,000
Texas Charter Schools Association 935,837
The Achievement Network, LTD 75,000
The Arizona Charter Schools Association 650,000
The Atlantic Monthly Group, Inc. 285,000
The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University 150,000
The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Inc. 400,000
The Drexel Fund 2,000,000
The Excel Center - Indianapolis South 250,000
The Foundation for Opportunity in Education 500,000
The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, Inc. 377,000
The International Charter School of New York 250,000
The Kindezi School, Inc. 220,000
The Mind Trust, Inc. 1,200,000
The New York Times 350,000
The Oaks Academy, Inc. 264,315
The Third Way Foundation, Inc. 250,000
The Urban Assembly, Inc. 30,000
Thomas B. Fordham Institute 700,000
Together Colorado 200,000
Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York 1,082,500
Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania 393,623
United Negro College Fund, Inc. 1,796,408
United States Conference of Mayors 50,000
United States Department of Education 32,000
United Way of Greater Los Angeles 200,000
University of Arkansas 287,083
University of Notre Dame 1,991,540
University of Southern California, Rossier School of Education 82,000
University of Washington Foundation - Center on Reinventing Public Education 774,750
University Preparatory School 216,000
Urban Institute 349,538
Urban League of Greater New Orleans Co, Inc. 770,000
Urban League of Metropolitan Denver 10,000
Urban Teacher Center 500,000
Valor Academy Elementary School 250,000
Value Schools High School 2 250,000
Vanderbilt University 166,268
Voices College-Bound Language Academy at Morgan Hill School 250,000
Washington Global Public Charter School 250,000
Washington Leadership Academy 250,000
Washington State Charter Schools Association 718,000
Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, Inc. 316,922
Woodlands School, Inc. 118,800
Yale University 35,000
YPI Valley Public Charter High School 250,000



Advanced Conservation Strategies 100,000
Ag Innovations 80,000
Ag Tech Env Stewardship 100,000
Alabama Coastal Foundation 25,000
Alliance for Water Efficiency 140,501
American Bird Conservancy 73,312
American Farmland Trust 433,554
American Rivers 704,900
American Whitewater 133,624
Aquaculture Stewardship Council 282,442
Arizona Land and Water Trust 45,533
Aspen Institute 25,000
Blue Ocean Institute 41,850
Bluestem Communications 280,000
Boneville Environmental Foundation 167,000
Cape Cod Commercial Fisherman's Alliance, Inc. 850,000
Causa Natura, A.C. 59,000
CEDO Fisheries Sustainability 100,000
Center for Planning Excellence 100,000
Center for Rural Affairs 275,000
Center for Watershed Protection 45,000
Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental, A.C. 125,111
CERES 475,000
ClientEarth 270,000
Coaliton to Resore Coastal Louisiana 250,000
Cochise County 230,882
Colorado Environmental Coalition 73,260
Colorado State University 110,000
Colorado Water Trust 391,475
Colorado Watershed Assembly 7,000
Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A.C. 635,650
Confluence Philanthropy, Inc. 7,500
Conservation International 9,298,317
Conservation Legacy 171,522
Consultative Group on Biological Diversity 92,000
Cornell Univesity 22,688
Defenses Ambiental Noroeste 40,000
Duke University 206,044
Earth Economics 60,000
Ecology Project International 300,000
Environmental Defense Fund 14,527,301
Environmental Grantmakers Association 34,150
Environmental Law Institute 265,000
Environmental Working Group 250,000
Everglades Foundation 57,000
Field to Market 267,200
FishChoice 250,000
FishWise 300,000
Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza, A.C. 100,000
Friends of the Verde River Greenway 668,101
Gila Watershed Partnership 564,156
GNO inc 12,000
Grand Staircase Escalante Partners 465,181
Greater New Orleans Development Foundation 310,000
Gulf of Maine Research Institute 10,000
Gulf Restoration Network 75,000
High Country Citizens Alliance 94,840
Illinois Stewardship Alliance 145,000
International Community Foundation 127,200
International Conservation Caucus Foundation 200,000
International Seafood Sustainability Foundation 350,000
Iowa Environmental Coalition 125,000
Iowa State University 60,000
ISEAL Alliance 621,986
Izaak Walton League of America 72,772
Keystone Center 25,000
Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation 297,850
Land Stewardship Project 420,550
League of Conservation Voters Education Fund 100,000
Louisiana State University AgCenter 118,000
Lower Mississippi River Foundation 200,000
Manta Consulting 150,000
Marine Conservation Biology Institute 1,000
Marine Stewardship Council Limited 2,185,000
Meridian 705,000
Minnesota Agricultural Water Resource Center 200,137
Minnesota Zoo 62,026
Miss Fish and Wildlife Foundation 150,000
Mississippi Fish and Wildlife 50,000
Mississippi Lower Delta Partnership 151,700
Mississippi River Corridor Project 70,000
Mississippi State University 279,669
Mobile Baykeeper Inc 115,000
Monterey Bay Aquarium 750,000
National Assoc of Conservation Districts 43,000
National Audubon Society 2,910,939
National Corn Growers Association Foundation 356,000
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 351,570
National Geographic Society 50,000
National Great Rivers Research and Education Center 260,000
National Parks Conservation Association 95,536
National Wildlife Federation 2,883,030
National Young Farmers Coalition 178,000
Nature Conservancy 3,062,107
NatureServe 28,750
New Venture Fund 3,401,200
Nonprofit Knowledge Works Inc 200,000
Noroeste Sustentable 600,000
Northeast Midwest Institute 240,000
Ocean Conservancy 3,700,000
Ocean Foundation 40,741
Oxfam America Inc 300,000
Partners for Western Conservation 165,863
Pew Charitable Trusts 58,000
Practical Farmers of Iowa 288,000
Prairie Rivers Network 40,000
Pronatura Noroeste AC 1,007,813
Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana 109,610
R Street Institute 380,000
Resolve/Water Funders Initiative 353,723
Resources for the Future 122,000
Resources Legacy Fund 320,000
Resources Legacy Fund/California Water Foundation 383,000
River Network - River Rally Scholarships 10,000
Rural Advantage 100,000
SDNHM-Cabo Pulmo Film 21,130
Seafood Harvester's of American Education Fund 75,000
Seafood Industry Research Fund, Inc. 65,000
Seaweb 146,754
Shedd Aquarium Society 98,490
SmartFish AC 300,000
Sociedad de Historia Natural Niparaja A.C. 224,000
Springboard Partners 103,000
Stanford University 332,494
SuMar, Voces por la Naturaleza, A.C. 75,000
Sustaianble Fisheries Partnership Foundation 1,650,000
Tamarisk Coalition 425,795
Taxpayers for Common Sense 325,000
The Cochise Water Project 900,000
The Corps Network 150,000
The Lens 75,000
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership 503,600
Town of Clarkdale 19,063
Trout Unlimited 365,017
TruFund Financial Svcs 500,000
Trust for Conservation Innovation 1,638,518
Trust for Public Land 87,500
Tulane University 75,000
University of Arizona 72,372
University of California 242,344
University of Colorado 148,628
University of Minnesota 199,976
University of New Orleans 150,000
University of South Florida Foundation 44,000
University of Utah 20,000
University of Washington 73,267
Utah State University 86,791
Verde River Basin Partnership 139,105
Verde River Institute 49,600
Verde River Valley Nature Organization 137,200
Watershed Management Group 360,530
Western Conservation Foundation 1,837,805
Western Resource Advocates 890,428
What is Missing Foundation 37,500
Wildlands Network 104,135
Winrock International Wallace Center 700,000
World Wildlife Fund, Inc. 1,284,392
Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area Corporation 173,000
Zea Mays 100,000



Arkansans for Education Reform Foundation 283,719
Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science, Inc. 75,000
Arkansas Arts Academy 204,550
Arkansas Department of Education 29,000
Arkansas Public School Resource Center, Inc. 997,268
Arkansas Tech University 585,080
Bentonville Bella Vista Trailblazers Association, Inc. 1,724,872
Bentonville Child Care and Development Center, Inc. 1,065,110
Bentonville Public Schools 125,200
Bicycle Coalition of the Ozarks 101,463
Botanical Garden Society of the Ozarks 52,853
Boys & Girls Club of Phillips County 244,336
Catholic Diocese of Little Rock 248,000
Children's Museum of Northwest Arkansas 5,326,573
City of Bentonville 400,000
City of Clarksdale 94,641
City of Fayetteville 685,044
City of Rogers 1,256,227
City of Springdale 355,661
Coahoma County Board of Supervisors 69,004
Community Development Corporation of Bentonville Bella Vista 3,520,500
Credit Counseling of Arkansas, Inc. 121,000
Downtown Bentonville, Inc. 150,000
e-STEM Public Charter Schools, Inc. 165,300
Fayetteville Natural Heritage Association 65,000
Fayetteville School District #1 17,775
Griot Arts, Inc 27,500
Haas Hall Academy 492,855
Hispanic Scholarship Fund 152,500
Illinois River Watershed Partnership 200,000
KIPP Delta Public Schools 703,706
Northwest Arkansas Community College Foundation, Inc. 641,173
Northwest Arkansas Community Creative Center 58,835
Northwest Arkansas Council Foundation 1,785,300
Northwest Arkansas Independent School 934,850
Northwest Arkansas Land Trust 125,000
Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission 166,616
Ozark Off Road Cyclists 44,250
Rogers Development Foundation 10,000
Rogers Public Schools 61,892
Siloam Springs Public Schools 2,550
Siloam Springs School District #21 250,000
Southern Bancorp Community Partners 282,303
Spring Initiative 90,000
Springdale School District 5,100
Symphony Orchestra of Northwest Arkansas (SoNA) 109,195
Teach for America 1,512,000
The Academies of West Memphis 250,000
Theatre Squared, Inc. 1,268,386
Tricycle Theatre For Youth 39,850
University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc. 350,951
Upper White River Basin Foundation 35,000
Walton Arts Center Inc. 6,950,000
Watershed Conservation Resource Center 150,000
Winrock International 638,503



100 Black Men of Greater Little Rock, Inc. 5,000
A New Leaf, Inc. 5,000
Abilities Unlimited of Fort Smith, Inc. 5,000
Abundant Rain Ministries, Inc. 2,000
Access Montessori 3,675
Ada Jobs Foundation 1,000
Ada Regional United Way, Inc. 4,500
Adult Development Center of Benton County, Inc. aka Open Avenues 10,000
African Parks Foundation of America 1,000,000
Agape Mission 2,500
Alliance for Companion Animals, Inc. 5,000
Alliance for School Choice, Inc. 25,000
Alma Police Focus Group 2,500
Alpha House, Inc. 3,000
Alternative Opportunities, Inc. 30,000
American Cancer Society, Inc. 1,000
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research 100,000
American Friends of the Louvre 10,000
American Indian College Fund 15,000
American Montessori Society, Inc. 60,690
American National Red Cross 2,500
American National Red Cross, Mile High Chapter 5,000
American Rivers, Inc. 80,000
America's Promise - The Alliance for Youth 25,000
Amon Carter Museum of Western Art 100,000
Anderson Betterment Club 7,500
Animal Protective Association 1,000
AOPA Foundation 40,000
AR Kids Read 5,000
ARC Group Homes, Inc. 5,000
Arizona Community Foundation 2,500
Arizona Humane Society 2,500
Arizona Science Center 148,114
Arizona Womens Board 25,000
Arkansas Arts Academy 8,539
Arkansas Arts Center Foundation 106,000
Arkansas Athletes Outreach 5,000
Arkansas Baptist Children's Homes and Family Ministries 5,000
Arkansas Baptist College 2,500
Arkansas Black Hall of Fame Foundation 5,000
Arkansas Children's Hospital 2,000
Arkansas Children's Hospital Foundation, Inc. 35,000
Arkansas Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts 3,000
Arkansas Community Foundation 50,000
Arkansas Dream Center, Inc. 5,000
Arkansas Governor's Mansion Association 1,000
Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance, Inc 5,000
Arkansas Independent Colleges and Universities - Independent College Fund of Arkansas 12,000
Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum Association 5,000
Arkansas Policy Foundation 10,000
Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, Inc. 5,000
Arkansas Repertory Theatre Company 3,350
Arkansas Special Olympics, Inc. 11,000
Arkansas State Council on Economic Education (Economics Arkansas) 20,000
Arkansas State University Mountain Home 3,000
Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Foundation 5,000
Arkansas Tech University 171,757
Arkansas Tech University Foundation 5,500
Arkansas Tennis Patrons Foundation 10,000
Arkansas-Oklahoma Cancer Support Foundation 2,500
Armed Services YMCA 5,000
Art Feeds 5,000
Art pARTners 15,000
Artchurch Studios dba Emergent Arts 2,260
Arthur G. Dove Catalogue Raisonne Project, Inc. 25,000
Arts Center of the Ozarks 6,000
ARVets 2,000
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies 118,500
Aspen Community Charter School 333,334
Aspen Country Day School, Inc. 233,000
Aspen Valley Ski-Snowboard Club, Inc. 10,000
Aspire of Southwest Missouri 5,000
Association Montessori Internationale 170,665
ASU Foundation for A New American University - Arizona State University Foundation 3,788,280
Aurora R-8 School District 2,500
Ballet Arkansas 2,500
Baptist Health Foundation 20,000
Barrow Neurological Foundation 100,000
Barry County Museum, Inc. 3,500
Bartlesville Area Habitat for Humanity 3,500
Bartlesville Community Center Trust Authority 10,000
Bartlesville Public Schools 10,000
Bartlesville Regional United Way 1,000
BCAP Breast Cancer Assistance Program Fund 2,000
Beaver Watershed Alliance 5,000
Bella Vista Historical Society 4,000
Benton County 207,125
Benton County Historical Society 3,000
Bentonville Bella Vista Trailblazers Association, Inc. 179,627
Bentonville Child Care and Development Center, Inc. 103,000
Bentonville Library Foundation 5,000
Bentonville Public Schools 112,404
Bentonville Public Schools Foundation 25,000
Berryville Public Schools 1,750
Bessie's Hope 5,000
Beyond Boundaries, Inc. 2,500
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Arkansas, Inc. 2,500
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma 5,000
Bike Austin Education Fund 46,000
Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation 1,020,000
Blackbird Academy of Arts, Inc. 2,500
Blessed Sacrament Church 5,000
Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. 1,000
Blue Valley Educational Foundation 5,000
Boone County Regional Airport 4,000
Boston Mountain Cyclists 15,000
Boy Scouts of America Last Frontier Council 10,000
Boy Scouts of America/Indian Nations Council, Inc. 15,000
Boy Scouts of America/Westark Area Council 8,000
Boys & Girls Club of Jacksonville 5,000
Boys and Girls Club of Bartlesville 5,000
Boys and Girls Club of Benton County 35,890
Boys and Girls Club of Green Country, Inc. 5,000
Boys and Girls Club of Nowata, Inc. 7,500
Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County, Inc. 10,000
Boys and Girls Club of Paris, Inc. 6,750
Boys and Girls Club of Saline County 4,130
Boys and Girls Club of the Alma Area, Inc. 5,000
Boys and Girls Club of the Ozarks 7,500
Boys and Girls Clubs of America 25,000
Boys and Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix 15,000
Boys Hope Girls Hope 5,000
Bridge2Rwanda, Inc. 150,000
Brophy College Preparatory 2,500
Bryant Youth Association, Inc. 4,130
Bull Shoals Library Friends, Inc. 2,500
By Kids, Inc. 5,932
C G Jung Educational Center of Houston Texas 5,000
Cabot Christmas Alliance, Inc. 3,000
Cabot Scholarship Foundation, Inc. 2,500
California Academy of Sciences 30,000
Calm Waters Center for Children and Families, Inc. 2,500
Camp Aldersgate, Inc. 5,000
Camp Caudle, Inc. 7,500
Camp Southern Ground, Inc. 15,000
Camp Summit, Inc. 100,000
Camp War Eagle, Inc. 5,940,882
Caney City Library 8,000
Caney Valley Historical Society 2,000
Capitol City Lighthouse Charter School 250,000
Care Food Pantry, Inc. 5,000
Careity Foundation 25,000
Carl Albert State College Development Foundation 2,800
Carl Junction Educational Foundation 3,500
Carleton College 211,950
Carroll and Madison Public Library Foundation 5,000
Carroll County Fair and Livestock Show, Inc. 3,250
Carthage R-9 School Foundation 12,500
CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates of Grayson County 2,000
CASA of Northwest Arkansas, Inc. 2,000
Casa of Sebastian, Inc. 5,000
Cassville Senior Center, Inc. 3,500
Catholic Charities & Community Services of the Archdiocese of Denver 50,000
Cato Institute 75,000
Catoosa Public Schools 10,000
Center for Effective Philanthropy 100,000
Center for Neighborhood Technology 30,000
Centers for Youth and Families, Inc. 7,500
Central Baptist College 2,500
Cerebral Palsy of Tri-County, Inc. 2,500
Challenged Athletes Foundation 500
Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago 40,000
Charles Armstrong School 25,000
Charter School Support Services, Inc. 494,558
Child Advocates of Silicon Valley, Inc. 5,000
Childhelp, Inc. 83,334
Children's Health Council 1,000
Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation 200,000
Children's Museum of Denver, Inc. 5,000
Children's Musical Theater of Bartlesville 2,500
Children's Scholarship Fund 7,563,500
Choate Rosemary Hall Foundation, Inc. 1,005,000
Christian Action Ministries 5,000
Christian Associates of Table Rock Lake (Harbor House) 5,000
Church of the Pioneers Foundation 5,000
Church Women United Duncan Toy Shop 5,000
Circle Fresh Institute 110,000
Citizens of the World Charter Schools 250,000
City Connections, Inc. 7,500
City of Bentonville 36,205
City of Flippin 2,000
City of Fort Smith 1,000,000
City of Fort Worth - Animal Adoption Center 20,000
City of Gravette 10,000
City of Lockwood 10,000
City of Noel 500
City of Nowata 6,000
City of Okmulgee Fire Department 400
City of Rogers 10,000
City of Siloam Springs 146,892
City of Springdale 9,000
City of Vinita 10,000
City of Wagoner 7,500
City of Yellville 2,000
City Year Denver 343,334
City Year, Inc. 10,000
cityWILD 5,000
Civic Builders, Inc. 53,000
Civic Symphony of Benton County Guild, Inc. aka Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra 5,000
Civitan Center 5,000
Claremore Public Schools Foundation 5,000
Claude Parrish Radiation Institute Foundation, Inc. 2,500
Clear Spring School Incorporated 5,000
Cleveland County Christmas Store 5,000
Cleveland County Family YMCA, Inc. 5,000
Clothes to Kids of Denver Inc. 2,000
Coaching Corps 10,000
Coldwater of Lee's Summit 5,000
College of the Ozarks 25,000
College of Wooster 20,000
Colorado Bright Beginnings 200,000
Colorado Child Advocacy Alliance 11,300
Colorado Children's Campaign, Inc. 50,000
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless 10,000
Colorado College 2,000,000
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment 250,000
Colorado Fourteeners Initiative 2,000
Colorado League of Charter Schools 40,000
Colorado Montessori Association 25,000
Colorado State University Foundation 170,000
Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc. 10,000
Colorado Youth Tennis Foundation 5,000
Columbia College (Missouri) 10,000
Columbia Public Schools 2,000
Columbia University 25,000
Columbus Elementary School 3,500
Columbus Zoological Park Association - SECORE Project 50,000
Comanche County Memorial Foundation, Inc. 25,000
Communities Foundation of Oklahoma, Inc. 5,000
Community Crisis Center, Inc. 5,000
Community Development Corporation of Bentonville Bella Vista 98,148
Community Development Partnership of Western Carroll County 5,000
Community Foundation of Jackson Hole - AKA Community Foundation of Teton Valley 10,000
Community Foundation of North Texas 60,000
Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Inc. 7,500
Community LINC 5,000
Community Ministries International 1,000
Community Partnership of the Ozark, Inc. 2,500
Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa 10,000
Compass Academy 12,000
Compass Montessori Secondary School 104,655
Concerts for Kids 1,000
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Inc. 30,000
Connecticut Food Bank, Inc. 1,000
Conservation International Foundation 1,279,467
Conway County Community Service, Inc. 5,000
Cookson Hills Christian Ministries - Cookson Hills Christian School 40,000
Cotter Gassville Rural Fire District Auxiliary 1,500
Council for Economic Education 20,000
Council of Churches of the Ozarks 5,000
Council on Foundations 244,500
Counseling & Recovery Services of Oklahoma, Inc. 2,000
Covenant Keepers College Preparatory School 323,736
Covenant Ministries, Inc. 2,500
Coweta Friends of the Library 1,000
Coweta Public Schools 6,000
Creative Alliance of New Orleans 5,000
Credit & Homeownership Empowerment Services aka CHES, Inc. 5,000
Cross Timbers Senior Citizen Center (Mineral Wells Senior Center) 5,000
Crystal Bridges - Museum of American Art, Inc. 1,000,000
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Headquarters 10,000
Decatur Public Schools 5,000
Deerfield Academy 50,000
Delaware County Historical Society 2,000
Deliver Hope 3,260
Delta Presents Outreach Foundation, Incorporated 5,000
Denison Independent School District 10,000
Denison ISD Education Foundation, Inc. 10,000
Denver Biennial of the Americas Corporation 65,000
Denver Children's Advocacy Center 258,432
Denver Health Foundation 286,911
Denver Inner City Parish, Inc. 40,000
Denver Public Schools 97,617
Denver Public Schools Foundation 55,000
Denver Urban Scholars 10,000
Department of Human Services 5,000
Derrick Johnsons Defend The Dream Foundation 5,000
Desert Botanical Garden 2,500
Dewey Public Schools 5,000
Diamond City Police Department 2,500
Diocesan Council for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Diocese Phoenix 5,000
Discovery Center of Springfield 2,500
DonorsChoose.org 100,000
Door of Faith Ministries, Inc. (Door of Faith Orphanage) 3,000
Dora R-III School District 1,000
Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City, Inc. 5,000
Downtown Bentonville, Inc. 40,952
Duncan Public Schools Foundation 5,000
Dwight Presbyterian Mission 844,106
EAA Aviation Foundation, Inc. 50,000
Early Milestones Colorado 50,000
East Harlem School at Exodus House 5,000
East Newton R-6 Charitable Foundation, Inc. 4,000
Eastern Oklahoma District Library 12,500
Eastern Workforce Investment Board, Inc. 5,000
Ecclesia Inc. - Ecclesia College 5,000
Ecology Project International 150,000
Edgewood Center for Children and Families 1,000
Edmond Public Schools Foundation, Inc. 5,000
Edmond YMCA (Young Mens Christian Association) 5,000
El Centro, Inc. 5,000
El Instituto El Mangle A.C. 101,667
Elementary Institute of Science 50,000
Elkins Public Schools 5,000
Emergency Infant Services 10,000
Enactus 150,000
Environment Colorado Research and Policy Center, Inc. 10,000
Environmental Defense Fund, Inc. 915,000
Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest 350,000
Environmental Learning for Kids 10,000
e-STEM Public Charter Schools, Inc. 758,688
Eufaula Public Schools 10,000
Evergreen State College Foundation 10,000
Exalt Education 550,000
Executive Services Corps of Central Oklahoma 2,500
Experimental Station 100,000
Exploratorium 2,000
Faith Medical Missions 3,000
Family & Childrens Services, Inc. 2,000
Family House, Inc. 10,000
Family Resource Services of Lonoke, Inc. 2,880
Family Star, Inc. 20,000
Family YMCA of Bartlesville 5,000
Farmington High School 7,000
Farmington Public Schools - Farmington School District 5,000
Faulkner County Council on Aging, Inc. 5,000
Fay School 10,000
Fayetteville Public Library 8,000
Fellowship of Christian Athletes 20,000
Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center 510,000
Fine Arts Institute of Edmond 5,000
FJC A Foundation of Donor Advised Funds - (Sarika Singh Thangde Gastal) 10,000
Flying Hogs Aero-Club 12,500
Focus on Greenwood 3,000
Folds of Honor Foundation 2,000
Food and Shelter, Inc. 5,000
Food Bank of North Central Arkansas Norfork Community Care Program, Inc. 10,000
Foothills United Way, Inc 50,000
Forrester-Davis Development Center, Inc. 3,000
Fort Smith Boys and Girls Clubs 7,500
Fort Smith Chamber Economic Development Foundation, Inc. 2,500
Fort Smith Childrens Service League, Inc. 3,500
Fort Smith Emergency Medical Services 1,500
Fort Smith Public Library 5,000
Fort Smith Public Schools 3,500
Fort Smith Public Schools Foundation, Inc. 6,000
Fort Worth Modern Art Museum Association 65,000
Fort Worth Museum of Science and History 25,000
Fort Worth Zoological Association, Inc. 500,000
Foundation for Exceptional Warriors, Inc. 5,000
Foundation for Homan Square 30,000
Foundation For Living Medicine 70,000
Franklin County Cancer Foundation, Inc. 5,000
Franklin County Learning Center 3,250
Free Medical Clinic of Mayes County, Inc. 5,000
Freedom House 5,000
Friends of Arkansas Singletrack 24,245
Friends of Marolt Park 1,000
Friends of the Alma Public Library of Alma 2,500
Friends of the Brazos River, Inc. 10,000
Friends of the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo 1,000
Friends of the Siloam Springs Library Foundation 25,000
Friends of the Southborough Council On Aging, Inc. 2,500
Friends of the Southborough Library 2,500
Fuller Theological Seminary 10,000
Fun in the Son Ministries, Inc. 3,000
Fundacion Viento Sur 388,417
Garland County Historical Society 1,000
Genesis House, Inc. 4,000
Gentry Public Schools 5,000
Georgetown University 1,035,000
Gideon's International 1,000
Gift of Hope, Inc. 2,500
Girl Scouts - Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, Inc. 25,000
Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas Oklahoma and Texas 18,000
Girl Scouts of Alaska 5,000
Girl Scouts of Colorado 2,000
Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma 5,000
Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma, Inc. 10,000
Girls Incorporated of Metro Denver 5,000
Girls Shelter of Fort Smith Ark., Inc. 5,000
Giving Back Fund, Inc. 5,000
Global Gardens 2,500
Good Shepherd Ministries of Oklahoma, Inc. 10,000
Governor Dummer Academy 35,000
Graland Country Day 20,000
Grand Canyon River Guides 10,000
Grand Canyon Trust 50,000
Grand Canyon Youth 164,819
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations 25,000
Grayson County Shelter 2,000
Great Work Education Holdings, Inc. 1,227,142
Great Work Montessori Learning Community 118,000
Great Work, Inc. 725,000
Greater OKC Youth Sports Association 5,000
Green Country Free Clinic 5,000
Greenland Public Schools 2,500
Greenway Foundation, Inc. 25,000
Greenwood Cultural Center, Inc. 2,500
Grid Alternatives 50,000
Grove Community Playmakers, Inc. 5,000
Grove Public Schools - Grove School District 2,000
Growing Home, Inc. 50,000
Growing Power 287,598
Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco, Inc. - Peninsula Habitat for Humanity 10,000
Habitat for Humanity of Benton County, Inc. 10,000
Hamilton House-Child and Family Safety Center, Inc. 3,000
Happy Hill Farm Children's Home, Inc. 20,000
Harbor House Inc of Fort Smith 5,000
Harlem School of the Arts, Inc. (aka HSA) 10,000
Harrison Affordable Housing Initiatives 2,500
Harrison Chamber Foundation, Inc. 1,000
Healthy Child Healthy World, Inc. 1,000
Healthy Nevada 7,000
Hearts Afire Foundation 2,000
Hearts and Homes of Arkansas, Inc. 2,500
Hearts for Hearing Foundation 5,000
Heritage Foundation 5,000
Herring Gut Learning Center 10,000
High Aspirations Incorporated 5,000
High Country News 5,000
His Plans, Inc. 2,000
Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas, Inc. 2,000
Home Hospice of Grayson County 2,000
Hoover Institution, Stanford University 10,000
Hope Foundation 2,500
Hope Women's Shelter, Inc. 21,000
Hopi Foundation 2,500
Horses for Healing, Inc. 35,000
Hospital Development Foundation, Inc. 6,000
Hospitality House of Tulsa, Inc. 10,000
Hot Springs Area Cultural Alliance 5,000
Hot Springs Community Band 1,000
Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute 5,000
Hot Springs Village Community Foundation, Inc. 3,000
Hot Springs Village Players, Inc. 3,000
Hot Springs Village Transportation Group 3,000
Humane Society of Grove and Grand Lake, Inc. 3,000
Huntsville School District 10,000
I Choose Hope, Inc. 1,000
ICF - International Community Foundation 50,000
Innovation Network, Inc. 50,000
Inspiration Point Fine Arts Colony (Opera in the Ozarks) 5,000
Institute for Humane Studies 40,000
Interarts, Inc. aka Hot Springs Music Festival 2,500
International Conservation Caucus Foundation 50,000
International Mountain Bicycling Association 152,675
Invest in Kids 99,988
James and Dorothy Doss Heritage and Culture Center of Parker County 10,000
Jasper R-5 Schools 2,500
Jasper School District 13,500
Jay Public Schools Educational Foundation, Inc. 4,500
Jessieville School District Foundation, Inc. 3,000
Jesus Was Homeless, Inc. 2,500
John Brown University 47,500
Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary 5,000
Jones Center for Families, Inc. 20,000
Joplin Business and Industrial Development Corporation 15,000
Joplin Regional Medical School Alliance 25,000
Junior Achievement of Oklahoma, Inc. 10,000
Justice Alma Wilson Seeworth Academy Charter School Foundation 10,000
Kids of Our Heroes Adventure Camp 5,000
Kimbell Art Foundation 50,000
KIPP Colorado Schools 115,831
KIPP Delta Public Schools 10,179
KIPP REACH Academy Charter School 175,000
Kitchen, Inc. 5,000
K-Life Ministries dba Conway K-Life 5,000
Kornerstone Program of Shell Knob Missouri 4,000
Lakota Fund 5,000
Last Mile Ministries, Inc. 2,900
Lead Hill School Foundation 2,000
Leadership Oklahoma, Inc. 5,000
Leading Educators, Inc. 242,474
Lee's Summit Educational Foundation, Inc. 5,000
Leland Stanford Junior University 800,000
Life Styles Foundation, Inc. 2,000
Lifeline of Northwest Arkansas 10,000
Lighthouse Academies of Tulsa, Inc 320,000
Lincoln High School 2,000
Lincoln Middle School 3,100
Literacy Action of Central Arkansas, Inc. 5,000
Literacy Council of Benton County, Inc. 5,000
Literacy Council of Leflore County 5,000
Little Flock Police Department 5,000
Little Rock Chamber Foundation 20,000
Little Rock Technology Park 5,000
Living Coast Discovery Center 66,850
Lonoke County Council on Aging, Inc. 2,880
Lost and Found 5,000
Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health 10,000
Lulac Institute, Inc. 25,000
Machik 39,000
Madison County Fair Association, Inc. 7,500
Main Street Morrilton, Inc. 3,260
Main Street Siloam Springs, Inc. 10,000
Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Texas 10,000
Marble Charter School 4,321
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, Inc. 25,000
Maritime Museum Association of San Diego 1,500
Mary Abbott Children's House, Inc. 5,000
Mary Martha Outreach, Inc. 5,000
Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art Foundation Inc 30,000
Mayo Clinic Arizona 100,000
McAlester Chamber Foundation, Inc. 11,250
McCune Brooks Health Care Foundation, Inc. 2,500
Mena Regional Support Foundation, Inc. 5,000
Menlo School 10,000
Mental Health Association in Tulsa, Inc. 10,000
Mercy Health Foundation Joplin 3,500
Mercy Health Foundation Northwest Arkansas 20,000
Messmer Catholic Schools Scholarships 10,000
Metro Lutheran Ministry 5,000
Metropolitan Museum of Art 50,000
Miami Public Schools Enrichment Foundation 5,000
Mid Peninsula Regional Open Space District 5,000
Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association 2,500
Midwestern Governors Association 15,000
Milwaukee Collegiate Academy 200,000
Mingo Valley Christian School, Inc. 3,000
Ministry Center 2,500
Miss Tinas Preschool Inc. 4,000
Mission Clinical Services 3,000
Missouri Southern Foundation 3,500
Missouri State University Foundation 5,000
Mobile Loaves & Fishes, Inc. 2,000
Monarch School Project 5,000
Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation 5,000
Montessori Northwest 110,800
Mountain Home Bomber Boosters Foundation, Inc. 5,000
Mountain Rescue Aspen, Inc. 10,000
Museum of Contemporary Art-Denver 85,000
Museum of Discovery 5,000
Museum of Modern Art 50,000
Museum of Northern Arizona Inc. 10,000
My Neighbor In Need 5,000
NALEO Educational Fund 100,000
National Audubon Society, Inc. fbo Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Center 3,000
National Black Child Development Institute, Inc. 30,000
National Christian Foundation 10,000
National Congress of American Indians Fund 15,000
National Council of La Raza - NCLR 50,000
National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, Inc. 60,000
National Cutting Horse Association Charities Foundation 40,000
National Endowment for the Arts 50,000
National Foundation for Women Legislators, Inc. 10,000
National Gallery of Art 2,000,000
National Museum of Women in the Arts, Inc. 55,000
National Tax Limitation Foundation 1,000
Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. 50,000
Nature Conservancy - Arizona 10,000
Nature Conservancy of Texas, Inc. 50,000
Nature Conservancy, Inc. - Arkansas 325,829
Nature Conservancy, Inc. - California 5,000
Neighbors Building Neighborhoods, Inc. 5,000
Neighborspace 123,965
Neosho R-5 School District 12,500
New Haven Home, Inc. 210,000
New Heights Christian School 35,000
New Hope Camp, Inc. 2,500
New Life Ranch, Inc. 50,000
New Venture Fund 12,000
New York and Presbyterian Hospital 250,000
New York Road Runners, Inc. 10,000
Newark Museum Association 100,000
Newsong Assembly, Inc. 3,500
Noel Betterment Association 2,000
North Arkansas College Foundation, Inc. 5,000
North Garland County Youth Center dba Paul Bewie Boys and Girls Club 5,000
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Development Foundation, Inc. 5,000
Northern California Public Broadcasting, Inc. KQED, Inc. 1,000
Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies 5,000
Northwest Arkansas Community College Foundation, Inc. 71,920
Northwest Organization for Animal Help (NOAH) 5,000
Nowata Opry Theater Corporation 2,500
Nueva School 15,000
Oakridge Ministries Inc 3,000
Oasis of Northwest Arkansas 10,000
Oklahoma 4-H Foundation, Inc. 6,400
Oklahoma Centennial Botanical Garden, Inc. 10,000
Oklahoma City All Sports Association 20,000
Oklahoma City Economic Development Foundation, Inc. 20,000
Oklahoma City Lighthouse Charter School 250,000
Oklahoma City Public Schools Foundation, Inc. 10,000
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, Inc. 300,000
Oklahoma Heritage Association, Inc. 5,000
Oklahoma Production Center for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc. 5,000
Oklahoma Project Woman, Inc. 2,000
Oklahoma Public School Resource Center, Inc. 2,042,931
Oklahoma Womens Coalition, Inc. 5,000
Okmulgee County Multi-Cultural Heritage Association 3,200
Olana Partnership 50,000
Olathe Medical Center Charitable Foundation 5,000
Old Fort Homeless Coalition, Inc. 50,000
Old Jail Art Center 10,000
Old State House Museum Associates 5,000
Omaha School District 1,000
One True Light, Inc. 5,000
Operation Aware of Oklahoma Inc. 10,000
Operation Breakthrough, Inc. 5,000
Oral Roberts University 5,000
Orange County Center for Living Peace Foundation 500,000
Osage Prairie YMCA, Inc. 3,000
Ouachita ATV Club 2,500
Our House, Inc. 5,000
Outreach International 5,000
Oxfam America Inc. 150,000
Ozark Arts Council, Inc. 500
Ozark Center 5,000
Ozark Greenways, Inc. 2,500
Ozark Guidance Center Foundation 10,000
Ozark Montessori Academy 32,416
Ozark Natural Science Center, Inc. 5,000
Ozark Off Road Cyclists 26,194
Ozarks Food Harvest, Inc. 10,000
Ozarks Medical Center Foundation 3,000
Palo Pinto Challenge, Inc. 5,000
Palo Pinto County Historical Association Inc. 1,000
Parent Child Center of Tulsa, Inc. 2,000
Parents and Friends of Children and Adults, Inc. dba UAMS Family Home 5,000
PARK Foundation Inc. 5,000
Parker County Committee on Aging, Inc. 5,000
Partners Against Trafficking Humans 2,500
Paths to Independence 10,000
Pathway to Freedom, Inc. 10,000
Pea Ridge School District 15,000
Peace at Home Family Shelter 15,000
Pedal It Forward 10,890
Pediatric Hematology Children's Assistance Fund 2,000
Pencil Box, Inc. 2,000
Peninsula Open Space Trust 1,000
People Against Cancer, Inc. 5,000
PeopleForBikes Foundation 100,000
Performing Arts Fort Worth, Inc. 180,000
Pervasive Parenting Center, Inc. 5,000
Philander Smith College 5,000
Philanthropy Roundtable 50,000
Philbrook Museum of Art 25,000
Phillips Brooks School 10,000
Phoenix Art Museum 2,500
Phoenix Symphony Association 100,000
Phoenix Theatre 215,000
Pierce City R-VI School District 4,000
Pittsburg County Habitat for Humanity 6,250
Pittsburg State University Foundation, Inc. 5,000
Plant Chicago, NFP 49,500
Plant With Purpose 15,000
PlayForBurk Foundation, Inc. 2,500
Pleasant Street Neighborhood Association Inc 5,000
Positive Coaching Alliance 1,000
Poteau Main Street Matters, Inc. 5,000
Prairie Grove Public Schools 18,000
Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services 15,000
Presbyterian Church (USA) 66,724
Presbyterian Night Shelter of Tarrant County 5,000
Prescott College 10,000
Pro Deo Youth Center 2,500
Professional Counseling Associates, Inc. 2,500
Project 360 Youth Services 5,000
Project C.U.R.E. 17,880
Project Gatehouse Endowment 1,250,000
Project Safe, Inc. 5,000
ProjectHandUp 5,000
Public Broadcasting of Colorado, Inc. 5,000
Putnam City Schools Foundation 10,000
Quest Scholars Program 2,000
Rays House Inc 7,500
Recreational Aviation Foundation 166,150
Reform Alliance, Inc. 472,600
Regents of the University of California at San Diego 15,000
Regents of the University of California f/b/o University of California, Merced 301,766
Responsive Education Solutions 437,233
River Parks Foundation 10,000
River Valley Food 4 Kids, Inc. 5,000
River Valley United Way, Inc. 4,500
Roaring Fork Public Radio Translator, Inc. 1,000
Robin Hood Foundation 1,000,000
Rockbridge Montessori School 456,900
Rockhurst University 5,000
Rogers Bentonville Junior Auxiliary 2,000
Rogers Development Foundation, Inc. 3,500
Rogers Little Theater 10,000
Rogers Public Schools 10,000
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkansas Inc. 2,500
Room to Read 10,000
Rose Community Foundation 130,875
Rose State College Foundation, Inc. 2,500
Rotary Club of Tulsa Foundation 8,500
Rotary Foundation of Rotary International 1,500
Safe Place, Inc. 5,000
Saint John's Health Center Foundation 5,000
Saline County Humane Society 5,000
Saline County Safe Haven, Inc. 5,000
Salvation Army - Fayetteville 20,000
Salvation Army of Ada 4,500
Salvation Army Shawnee 2,000
San Diego Natural History Museum 501,500
San Jose Children's Discovery Museum 1,000
Sand Springs Community Services, Inc. 5,000
Sarvodaya USA Corporation 1,000
Saville Center Inc 5,000
School District of Raytown Educational Foundation 5,000
Scissortail Community Development Corporation 305,461
Scottsdale Healthcare Foundation 10,000
Sea Education Association 10,000
Sebastian Retired Citizens Association 3,000
Seed Savers Exchange, Inc. 5,000
Sequoyah County City of Sallisaw Hospital Authority 3,600
Sharing and Caring of Benton County 10,000
Shawnee Community Foundation 33,000
Shawnee Mission Education Foundation 5,000
Shawnee Mission Medical Center 5,000
Shell Knob Alliance of Churches 3,000
Shiloh Summer Camp Inc. 10,000
Shriners Hospitals for Children 10,000
Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation, Inc. 2,000
Simmons Center Foundation, Inc. 5,000
Single Parent Scholarship Fund 2,500
Single Parent Scholarship Fund Baxter County 1,000
Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Benton County, Inc. 4,000
Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas, Inc. 5,000
Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Pulaski County 3,350
Skytruth 100,000
Sooners Helping Sooners, Inc. 5,000
Southern Governors Association 10,000
Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS, Inc. 1,500
Southwest High School 5,000
Spark Community Foundation 44,975
Special Forces Charitable Trust 25,000
Springdale Basketball Association 10,000
Springfield Catholic Schools 2,500
St. Francis de Sales School 40,000
St. Mary's Academy for the Sisters of Loretto 20,000
St. Mary's Colgan High School 2,500
St. Paul's School 959,649
Stanford University 47,000
Star Rock Ministries 10,000
Starshine Academy 12,750
State of Colorado Department of Human Services 93,099
Stilwell Public Library Friends Society 5,000
Stilwell Public School Foundation, Inc. 4,000
StreetWise 237,000
Subiaco Academy 10,000
Summit Community Institute 7,000
Summit Series, LLC 48,000
Sustainable Tulsa, Inc. 15,000
Symphony Orchestra of Northwest Arkansas (SoNA) 5,000
Tahlequah Area Coalition for the Homeless, Inc. 5,000
Tailwind Aviation Foundation, Inc. 16,643
Tarleton State University 17,275
Teach For All Inc. 250,000
Teach for America - Kansas City 845,000
Teach for America, Inc. 276,740
Team Africa Rising, Inc. 250,000
Tech Museum of Innovation 1,000
Teton Science Schools 160,000
Texas A&M University-Kingsville 5,000
Texas County Memorial Hospital Healthcare Foundation 2,500
Texas Game Warden Association, Inc. 1,000
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation 50,000
The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University 300,000
The CALL of Saline County 5,000
The Carter Center, Inc. 400,000
The Colorado Museum of Natural History dba Denver Museum of Nature and Science 4,000
The Communications Network, Inc. 25,000
The Cooper Institute 10,000
The Delfina Foundation 44,000
The Emergency Food Pantry 4,000
The Harp Foundation 20,000
The Hawn Foundation 129,000
The James Beard Foundation, Inc. 1,000
The Michael Lisnow Respite Center, Inc. 5,000
The National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector 609,102
The Nature Conservancy 1,000
The Peel Compton Foundation 1,092,446
The Philanthropy Workshop West 100,000
The Walkabout Foundation, Inc. 30,000
Thea Foundation 149,910
Theatre Squared, Inc. 1,500
Third Sector New England, Inc. 445,700
Tides Center 25,000
Tom Mix Museum, Inc. 3,000
Top Flight Basketball Academy 500
Town of Delaware 4,000
Trends Charitable Fund 5,000
Tri-County Search and Rescue Certified Emergency Response Team 5,000
Tricycle Theatre For Youth 3,000
Trillium Trust 1,000
Truman Library Institute 5,000
Trust for Hidden Villa 1,000
Tulsa Area United Way 42,000
Tulsa Ballet Theatre 5,000
Tulsa Children's Museum 2,500
Tulsa Christian Education Corporation 20,000
Tulsa Community Foundation 2,500
Tulsa Habitat for Humanity 7,500
Tulsa Library Trust 15,000
Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc. 10,000
Tulsa's Leadership Vision, Inc. 15,000
Tutoring Resources of Arkansas, Inc. 4,500
Twin Lakes Literacy Council 1,000
U C Davis Foundation 13,000
Under Grace Ministries 10,000
Unique Services, Inc. 5,000
United Cerebral Palsy 5,000
United Cerebral Palsy Association of Central Arizona 2,500
United Cerebral Palsy of Central Arkansas 5,000
United Community Action Program Inc 10,000
United States Conference of Mayors 100,000
United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 50,000
United Way of Adair County, Inc. 5,000
United Way of Fort Smith 10,000
United Way of Garland County, Inc. 4,000
United Way of Grayson County Inc. 2,000
United Way of Northwest Arkansas 160,000
United Way of Parker County 25,000
University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton Foundation, Inc. 5,000
University of Arkansas Foundation - Pine Bluff 100,000
University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc. 2,714,805
University of Baltimore Foundation 5,000
University of California at Santa Barbara 997,863
University of Central Oklahoma Foundation 5,000
University of Colorado Foundation 30,000
University of Denver 184,754
University of Missouri - Kansas City 7,500
University of Oklahoma Foundation, Inc. 10,000
University of the Ozarks 154,305
University of Wyoming 10,000
UNSELF INC. 23,113
Urban Ecology Center 256,875
Urban Neighborhood Initiative Inc 5,000
US Mexico Foundation 145,000
USA Cycling Development Foundation 50,000
Valley School of Southern Oregon 70,000
Van Buren Public Schools (Van Buren School District) 2,500
Van Cliburn Foundation, Inc. 75,000
Variety Care, Inc. 2,500
Venture for America, Inc. 105,000
Vera Lloyd Presbyterian Home and Family Services, Inc. 10,000
Veterans Memorial of Garland County AR 2,500
Vian Public Schools 3,600
Vietnam Veterans of San Diego d/b/a Veterans Village of San Diego 20,000
Village House, Inc. 10,000
Wagoner Education Foundation, Inc. 2,500
Wake Forest University 125,000
Wallingford Public Library Assoc. 2,000
Wallingford Public Schools 7,000
Walmart Associates in Critical Need Fund 4,000,000
Walters Public Schools 5,000
Walton Arts Center Inc. 5,000
Warbird Heritage Foundation 10,000
Washington Osage Baptist Association 1,000
Washington Regional Medical Foundation 5,000
Watershed Human and Community Development Agency, Inc. 5,000
Wave Academy 15,000
Wayman L. Tisdale Foundation Inc. 120,000
Webb City R-7 Schools Foundation, Inc. 4,000
WE-cycle 19,500
Weiner School Childrens Endowment 20,000
Welcome Health 10,000
West Fork Middle School 7,500
Western Arkansas United Soccer League 2,500
Western Governors' Association 25,000
Westside Community Association of Bartlesville Oklahoma 5,000
Westville Public Schools 2,500
Whitney Museum of American Art 50,000
William A. Farnsworth Library and Art Museum 25,000
Women in Government Foundation (WIG) 20,000
Women's Bean Project 5,000
Women's Crisis Center of Taney County, Inc. 5,000
Womens Outreach of Hope, Inc. 5,000
Women's Policy, Inc. 20,000
Woody Creek Community Center 1,000
World Brain Forum Foundation 15,000
Wyoming Liberty Group 2,500
Yellville-Summit School District 4,000
YMCA aka Ozarks Regional YMCA 3,000
YMCA of Greater Kansas City 5,000
YMCA of Southern Arizona 2,500
Young at Art Ministries, Inc. 2,000
Young Life Foundation 10,000
Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) of Greater Tulsa 15,000
Young Womens Christian Association of Oklahoma City 10,000
Youth Services for Stephens County, Inc. 5,000
Zoological Society of San Diego 13,500